Goody Affiliate Tools

You will need a Goody affiliate account, if you DON'T have an Goody affiliate ID, go to to sign up for an account. Then follow the steps below.

If you DO have an Goody affliate ID, then follow these steps:

  1. Click here to log into your Goody affiliate account
  2. On the welcome bar in the right hand corner, you'll see "Your Affiliate Id"
  3. Use that number to enter in the field below then click on "Generate Affiliate Links"
Goody ID:

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Text Links

  1. Text link: "Discover Goody"

Banner Ads

  1. 200x200 banner link:

  2. 250x250 banner link:

  3. 300x250 banner link:

  4. 300x600 banner link:

  5. 336x280 banner link:

  6. 970x250 banner link: